Isochronic are Andreas Markitanis a.k.a Centauro and Haris Demetriou a.k.a Nomad 25, both originally from Cyprus and currently living in London. They have been Psychedelic Trance enthusiasts since 1997 when they started attending parties around the globe. Andreas has been DJing internationally under the name Centauro and also has his solo project Harmonic Rebel.

Haris has been DJing and organizing parties for many years and he is currently working intensively on his Nomad 25 project. Isochronic was formed as a result of their long friendship, mutual interests in music and psychedelia. Isochronic released their first track on the Revolve Magazine compilation in June 2011.This track was inspired by their essential need to blast. When they came back to the studio from a party in London where they did not ‘blast’, they kept positive and with all the energy that they did not release on the dance floor, they started writing this track. In their own words "we believe that ‘blasting’ is a human need and we will protect it in eternity!

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