Arjun Apu

Arjun Apu is Arjun Dev from Perpignon, France.

From a very young age Apu has lived between France & Goa where he discovered Psytrance culture and music. During his childhood and early years he was influenced by psychedelic rock from the 70’s and the early days of techno music.

In 2008 his curiosity lead him to have a go at DJing and also at music production. A year later he joined the infamous “Shandi Circle crew” based in the south of France who organise psytrance parties. This gave him an opportunity to start his Djing career at parties across Europe and Asia.

More recently Apu has been inspired by the sounds of Psynon Records and apart from djing around the globe, he will be focusing on producing his own sounds. Look out for some tracks by Apu in the near future...

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